Fission Black Triangle Geometric Traveler Lightweight Rotating Luggage Protector Case Can Carry With You Can Expand Travel Bag Trolley Rolling Luggage Protector Case

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1.Size:L 26-28 in


  • This is luggage cover [multi-directional rotating wheel] 4 multi-directional rotating wheels, 360-degree movement is stable and stable. Ideal for fashion connoisseurs who want to add style to their travels. The body is made of pure material and is designed to provide maximum protection for your items. Provides greater stability and durability to ensure your travels are as smooth as possible. Aircraft-grade aluminum handles are ultra-lightweight while maintaining high standards of shock absorpti
  • This is luggage cover [Lightweight and Durable] This suitcase is made of ABS material and maintains a good balance between light and sturdy. This hard suitcase is a great choice for international travel and is considered a carry-on for most international flights. The suitcase is also suitable for weekends or business trips for one to two days, providing enough packaging space to hold some clothes, toiletries and a pair of shoes.
  • This is luggage cover [Waterproof and Scratchproof] ABS material protects your items from water, tea, rain and other liquids on the go; the hard hard shell makes it difficult to scratch the surface of this baggage. The hard outer casing and scratch-resistant surface treatment luggage have a protective hard case to ensure that the stored items are not crushed on the road, providing strength and peace of mind.
  • This is luggage cover [keeping your attributes neatly tidy] is internally separated by a connectable elastic waistband and an internal zipper (for tie, underwear, socks and other gadgets) to hold the contents in place during transport. Fully lined interior with organized pockets to keep your attributes clean and tidy. The safe, sturdy (fully tested) short handle provides rugged strength for stable lifting, and unlike the competition, the short handle connection is less secure.
  • This is luggage cover [comfort and safety] The sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescopic handle won't make you feel uncomfortable, and the smooth corners won't let you touch the corners of your luggage. Telescopic handles and securely mounted short handles For your convenience, the luggage compartment is equipped with a user-friendly telescopic handle that locks into place.

Product Description

The trunk cover is not machine washable
Material: Pulling cloth has a certain elasticity
A hand-drawn hole, a hand-held hole, a hidden zippered hole on each side, a zipper, a fixed buckle
The luggage compartment is made special, with hidden zippers on the left and right sides, and the suitcases on the left and right handles can be used, and they will not be mistaken during the trip, perfect for protecting the luggage compartment.
Instructions:. . 1 Pull up the lever; 2 Put one of the holes into the lever, 3 pull down the trunk; 4 expose the side of the hand hole; 5 pull the bottom zipper; 6 Insert the fixed buckle.

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