Champion Women's Show Off Sports Bra Champion Women's Activewear 1666

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2.Color:Avalon Aqua/Pelican Blue


  • Outer Cup, Frame, Frame Lining, Back: 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex; Cup: 100% Polyester; Cup Linings: 100% Polyester; Frame Inner Lining: 100% Nylon; Back Linings: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex; Sling Lining: 67% Nylon, 33% Spandex; Sling And Side Back: 66% Nylon, 34% Spandex
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Moisture management technology helps keep you dry
  • Patented concealing cups for lightweight shape and modesty
  • Keyhole racerback with hook & eye closure for easy on and off

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  • Date first listed on : August 8, 2005

March 7, 2020
TL;DR: Great budget sports bra that does its job well

I have recently began training for a marathon. As a result of all of my running, I've lost some weight. (Yay!) However, there was an unintended casualty of the weight loss: my boobs. ***a moment of silence for all boobs lost during our fitness journeys*** I definitely lost some size and needed some new sports bras. Being a life-long Angel, I headed to Victoria's Secret to get sized and pick out some new ones. Well, I am now a 34D and found a few in store that I liked, but I just could not stomach the price. I left empty-handed and scouted here on Amazon. I came across these and liked the styling and the price. I ordered a large based on the sizing guide.

Initial Review:
My initial thoughts were that the fabric at the sides of the bra (the part that goes under your arm) is a bit thin. There is very little padding in the cups, at least compared to my (now former) VS Incredible and Ultimate bras. I was a bit concerned that with the fabric and padding being so thin, I wouldn't get the support I needed during my runs. The cups were a tiny bit larger than I would have liked. There was a little room at the top of the cup when I put it on. The band was comfortable, although I am on the first set of hooks, so if I get any smaller in circumference, I'll need to go down a size. The thick, adjustable straps felt very sturdy without digging into my shoulders. To be honest, I felt probably could have gone to a medium as I like my sports bras to be snug, almost to the point of squeezing. Overall, I had my concerns about the thin fabric and padding and it's ability to support me, but I was ready to run and give this a shot.

The Test:
I used the bra during an 8 mile steady-pace run. To my slight surprise, the bra performed well, just as well as my VS bras. The bra moved with my movements; never once did it pinch or chafe. No obvious bouncing. (I mean, there's always going to be a little movement, but I didn't feel like they were bouncing like two energetic monkeys bouncing in a cage.) I felt comfortable and supported throughout my entire run. Granted it was a cool evening, but I did feel like the bra wicked away what little sweat I had. The "mesh"/ventilated fabric kept me cool even to the last mile. I was not sore after my run nor were any "sensitive areas" irritated. ;)

Final Verdict:
While this bra lacks the "sexiness" of the VS sports bras, it performs just as well as they do. It is a practical, functional sports bra that an endurance runner can rely on mile after mile. As a 34D, I would probably order a medium, but that's due to personal preference of snugness of the band and cups; the large was comfortable and supportive for my size. I will definitely be ordering a few more in different colors. I am very happy with this bra.

Update (3/16/18): I found and purchased a medium size of these at Burlington Coat Factory (on sale too!), and it had more of the "squeeze" that I am used to. The cups were more of an appropriate size as well (no extra room at the top). However, I am on the final (inner-most) hooks, so if I gain any circumference, it would be uncomfortable. I wore the medium during a 5 mile club run, and it performed just as well as the large as described above. It was a bit tighter, but still no chafing or pinching. So, in regards to size, it seems like a 34D could either fit in a medium or a large, just depending on how "packed in" a person would like to feel.
July 9, 2019
- looking for a comfortable, high support sports bra
- I'm a 34F (34DDD)

- Pretty comfortable
- Easy to get on

- Is not really as supportive as it claims. Even fast walking with this will cause some bounce. I can only really see myself doing low intensity exercises with this.
- The cut of the bra is a bit weird, and will definitely not suit all body types. It actually does this strange thing of making my boobs look a lot smaller than they are. I think it's because the cut is very halter-top-like. Essentially on the sides it cuts very low and shows a lot of side boob/underarmpit fat. Not the most flattering cut.

- This didn't meet my requirements of being supportive, but it's pretty comfortable and easy to wear. It's not very expensive so I think I will keep it, but it is definitely not "the best" sports bra by any means.
September 7, 2018
HOLY COW I LOVE THIS BRA. I have a relatively small frame but plenty of boob (34 DD), so most sports bras are all-around terrible for me...I hadn't even tried running in years. On the recommendation of a friend, I tried this bra (size large), and it is actually LIFE CHANGING. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I'm 100% not kidding. I can run again without pain from my boobs bouncing around or wearing 3 sports bras to try to squish them flat. It's both comfortable and functional - everything you could ever want. I've bought several now and couldn't be happier! I even wear them in place of a "regular" bra some days because they're just so much more comfortable.
May 18, 2018
I am a 38C and could not for the life of me find a running bra that kept the ladies from bouncing around without making it hard to breathe. I finally tried on the Champion Show Off sports bra at a local sporting goods store and could tell immediately it was what I had been looking for. I was shocked when I saw the price tag, but figured it would be worth it to run without pain and flopping. However, like always, Amazon came through with much better pricing and color options. It's crazy how much the prices range based on size and color, but I don't care what color my sports bras are (I don't wear them as my top - I'm always wearing something over them) so I ordered the three least expensive colors and they have made running SO much more enjoyable!
26, 2016
Let's be frank: I have always had an issue with being a bit too ...perky when I'm at the gym. I've tried lots of different sports bras to combat this issue. My problem is that either there ends up being so much padding that it soaks up my sweat and causes chafe or so little padding that it does nothing and I show through both bra and T-shirt (embarrassing).

This bra has found a happy medium. First of all, there is only padding where there needs to be padding, it is not very thick, and it breathes well. Second, if you look at the inside of the bra, there are these little flower-shaped pads right in the center of the cups. It's basically like pasties sewn into the fabric of the bra - brilliant! There is zero show-through. The adjustable straps are also a nice touch - I can tighten them for when I run and want to hold things in place or loosen them when I am lifting weights and want some breathing room. And as an added bonus, the padding is stiff enough to give my breasts some shape, even when they are held in tight (no dreaded uni-boob).

Basically, I have found my new favorite sports bra. Can't say enough good things about The Show Off!